About Ascon Group International

Ascon Group have been established in the Asia Pacific for more than 20 years, and are now one of the Continents leading suppliers of products and OEM supply into Europe, Australia, Middle East, South Africa and North America.

Our range of services include

1. Product Sourcing
2. OEM Supply
3. Container Consolidation
4. Third Party Inspection
5. QC

Utilizing our dedicated and highly professional sourcing team, Ascon Group can find just the product you are looking for to suit your budget. Various options exist to enable us to meet your requirements from simply finding a product that you want, through to working on a detailed product specification with you. Products from our factories have been certified CE, MEPS, ETL, UL, NSF etc etc.

If you need a more competitive or affordable supply of OEM products or if you have a concept idea you would like to bring to fruition, Ascon Group are ideally positioned to help you with all your requirements.

For many companies, the idea of buying low cost, high quality products from Asia Pacific, and China is highly appealing. However as most factories demand you buy full containers from them, this can make it beyond most companies reach due to the cost involved. Do not fear, due to Ascon Groups advanced logistics operations and our long, standing relationships with our own factories and suppliers we can offer a highly unique and efficiently cost effective solution for you. With this option we can source and consolidate as many as 50 different product lines in one container, thereby enabling you to benefit from a fantastic range of quality, low cost products all delivered from one single source, with quantities to suit you, direct to the delivery address of your choice.

Inspection services can be provided for any product, even if it is not one we supply. Utilizing our experienced team we are able to offer you a range of options to suit your individual needs from simply checking product quantities and dispatch, through to complete production inspection and quality testing services.

Like our inspection service, Ascon Group offer a wide range of QC options which are specific to your companies needs. Please feel free to contact us to discuss how we can assist you with your requirements.

From our international headquarters in Guangzhou, China and Sub office in Hong Kong, we are ideally placed to cover this vast geographical area, offering you value for money, designed to make your budget go much further.


At our warehouse and storage center, Ascon Group offer secure and efficient loading in a clean and dry enviroment.