1. What are the payment terms
    30% Deposit is due on confirmation or order and 70% before loading on consolidated products
  2. Do we get a warranty with the products we buy from you
    We give at least a 12 month parts warranty with our products in some cases longer please ask for details.
  3. What if I am already buying from China and just want to try some of your products
    We can either send our products to the factory you are dealing with or we can consolidate your existing products with ours using our warehouse space and loading center
  4. What do we do about spare parts.
    When you place your first order with us you will be asked for a spare parts list so we can send you a selection with your order, FOC. For urgent spares that cannot wait until your next order we will send to you by DHL at our cost.
  5. What is the lead time
    Normally lead times are between 25 and 60 days depending on how many products you select from how many different factories.
  6. How many different products can we order.
    If your new to importing we suggest you try a good selection of our products eg 20’ 20 lines and a 40’HQ 50 lines to get a feel of what is good for your market. When we confirm your order with you you will receive a computer, generated 3D loading plan of your order.
  7. How do we pay
    The simplest way is by Bank Transfer but if you prefer to pay by LC we can do this.
  8. How do I know where my order is up to
    You will receive a weekly “Order Status Report” each Friday which will tell you.
  9. How will I know my products are made to the correct specs
    You will receive an inspection report with pictures of your products for you to sign off before they are loaded
  10. How do I know my products are loaded correctly
    Your products will be loaded by us in our warehouse, after loading you will receive a container loading report.